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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Before the Match....

Before what turned out to be a
disappointing match, the boys modeled their new uniforms and their first American haircuts. Jan went to our neighbor's barbershop, Tim's "Hair," while Simon dared to have Rich cut his hair.

The first half of the match showed two evenly matched teams possessing the ball well. In the second half, with the wind, the Falcons took to launching the ball down the field. This created an offense attack but with only one or two Falcon players. The lack of numbers in the attacking third created no goals and few chances while our opponents from Monmouth Academy finally scored.

An unfortunate result but a hard-fought battle. On the bench during the game was Robin from Germany. He will join the team as a player next week. The boys joke that he looks like the teen-idol, Justin Bieber (below).

After the match, Rich went for a run in the mountains with Bailey while the boys enjoyed a bit of TV. For dinner, we made the trek to Farmington and KFC/Taco Bell... then Wal*Mart... The evening ended with a Harry Potter movie.

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  1. Nice haircut Simon Good work Rich:) The boys are right. He looks like Bieber.


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