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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cooking... Truth is...

There's this phrase on Facebook that kids use readily, it is Truth is...

In the spirit of "Truth is," here's mine:

I used to have fun cooking. What I've cooked has never been fancy, but usually steady, American fare that people generally like here. Sloppy Joes, Mac & Cheese, lasagna... But now, the fun is gone.

These days, I'm faced with my teenaged self: Like me, Simon is a picky eater. A small example is that I ate mayonnaise sandwiches for most of my young life. A big step when I was Simon's age was adding a smidget of tuna on the bread with my mayonnaise and called it a tuna fish sandwich... truth is, it was a mayonnaise sandwich with the faint smell of tuna. My sister-in-law Pam says she remembers the day I added tuna to a sandwich--she actually helped me make this major leap into the culinary world. She explains, "We passed the can of tuna over the bread, and that was enough for Richard."

Each evening when I begin cooking I over think or second guess what I'm doing. Jan is like the majority of the students and athletes who've lived here. They eat anything and lots of it. Not Simon.... and certainly not Richard Kent at 16 years old.

Truth is, I wish I had a cook, but I'll keep at it and hope that either Simon will make the quantum leap that I did with tuna or that I'll figure out how to burn chicken the way he likes it.

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