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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camp after the storms

We headed over the Weld to clean up the refrigerators and look for further damage. The boys took a kayak paddle up the brook. The water in the camps is not working. The septic systems are also a problem. That's the fire pit under all of that debris.

Camp after the storms

Camp after the storms

Summer Holidays wind down with a game of Full Contact Monopoly

The boys grabbed Miles from next door and played an intense game of Monopoly on their last free night before school.

Yes, summer comes to a close ... but the excitement of many new friends, great books, interesting teachers, engaging projects, and many challenges face the boys on Thursday morning as they head off to Mountain Valley High School.

Good Luck, Jan and Simon! And many happy days.

Post-Irene Pictures by Jan

The boys went out to see Rumford's water falls after the storm. Rich was in Orono at the University. Jan took most of the following photographs.

Post-Irene Pictures by Jan

The night of Hurricane Irene...

As Hurricane Irene subsided, we went out to inspect damage and the water levels. Jan saved us on our driveway by removing a BIG tree. Bailey was in awe.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Huh? ... Fun at Aunt Connie & Uncle Ben's?

While the boys were at Connie's and Ben's, Connie heard laughter coming from upstairs. Next thing you know, the parade of costumes from Halloweens of years gone past.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane floods

The lake has flooded and we receive a report that the bridge the boys were standing on while hunting frogs is now under water. Amazing to think about. Locally, we've had several roads washed out. The storm is over; now its time for repairs.