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Sunday, October 30, 2011

First SnowPerson of the Season.

Click this sentence and checkout the Facebook website of the first SnowPerson of the year.

First Snow

Some places in Maine received .75 of a meter of snow (20 inches). We only had 6 inches. Warm weather will return this week and the snow will disappear, but for now, we have a hint of what December and January will be.

Happy Fall Morning... Two Dog Day

Bradford, Jan, and Bailey on a snowy fall morning.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Fight

The boys first fight and then they head off for time outs.

Bailey schooling the boys

We took Bailey to the local park for Frisbee and soccer. For 45 minutes, we ran, kicked, and tossed , while Bailey, with a few rests, battled on. Other dogs stopped by to play,including a 2-year old German Shepherd who lived near the field. Ultimately, Bailey schooled the boys...

Bailey schooling the boys

Bailey schooling the boys

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Luiz... after the match

We attended Luiz's soccer match at the University of Maine at Farmington. UMF won 3-1 over Johnson State of Vermont. We delivered some winter cloths to Luiz and then headed out to Pizza Hut for pasta, pizza, and conversation.

Sixteen fans from the Rumford area came to watch Luiz and UMF play. Mr. Carver and his son Garret; Marie Gauvin and 3 kids; Alex Witas and his girl; Mike Phelps and his two boys; and the four of us. Lots of fun because the match was quite entertaining.

Hair Club for Men... "I'm a client."

Pam and Fred delivered a special birthday gift for Rich. As you'll see, Bailey found the hair a bit too tempting and started eating it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Last Away Soccer Match.... 1-2 Overtime Loss

The boys played their last away soccer match and lost, unfortunately, in overtime. It should have been a tie game, but that's not how the soccer god decided it. The boys on the top are from the second team--they are next year's varsity players.